Academic IELTS Writing - Task One

Session Three

In this session’s video, we will talk about the second question type which is Bar Chart. In this type of questions, you will be given at least one Bar Chart. You need to report the main features of the graph in your answer.

We will teach you how to read the vertical and horizontal axis in the bar chart and how to interpret the information in the graph. Then you will learn how to find the main keys in the graph and report them in your answer. A bar chart matches information on two vertical and horizontal axis and enables you to compare these information.  We give you some vocabulary to use explaining these comparisons.

After watching the video, we encourage you to write an answer for the question in the homework section and send it to us by pressing the “send homework” button.

To make this practice similar to the real test, try to do it in 20 minutes and do not look at any resource while doing this practice test.

We will send you a feedback within 48 hours working days.

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