IELTS Writing - Task Two

Session One

This is the first session of our course for Writing Task Two. In this session, we will discuss the main features of this task and explain to you what a task two question looks like. Then, we divide the questions’ contents into three to four segments and describe each part. This is necessary for you to understand the question structure and what to expect from the task two questions.

The structure of your answer is also part of this lesson. Different types of Task Two questions, appropriate grammar and planning are other areas that we will cover in this session.

The next step of our lesson is focused on the answer. Your answer is almost similar to an essay. How an essay is formed? From a few paragraphs! Right? How many? What are the paragraphs’ roles? What is in the paragraph? How we structure the paragraphs and connect them? These are the questions that we are going to discuss in this session and the following sessions.


(درس بعدی) Session Two
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