IELTS Writing – Task Two

IELTS Writing – Task Two

IELTS Writing – Task Two

Welcome to the writing course for IELTS.

This course is focused on Task Two which is the same in both General and Academic modules. It is designed for the candidates who already know the basics of grammar and have intermediate vocabulary. The lessons are taught in Farsi (I mean the teacher talks in Farsi in the videos) to make sure everyone gets all the points. Please note that we don’t aim to teach you speaking in this course and it is important to us that you understand all strategies and instructions fully. Therefore, we expect you to be familiar with the basics of writing and we are here to calibrate it to fit into IELTS expectations.

If you feel that your writing is below intermediate level, then you need to do our writing basic course before enrolling in this course. In the basic writing course, we will teach you how to start writing from the very basic.

OK! What you should expect from this course?

We will talk to you about task two questions. What is a question structure? What is important in them? What are task Two question types?

The next step of our lessons is focused on the answer. Your answer is almost similar to an essay. How an essay is formed? From a few paragraphs! Right? How many? What are the paragraphs’ roles? What is in the paragraph? How we structure the paragraphs and connect them? These are the questions that we are going to discuss in these sessions.

From session two to session eight, we will teach you one type of task two questions in each session. Also, you have one full task to do and receive feedback for your work from Mr. Zaker for each type of questions. It means that you can practice all types of questions in this course which is a wonderful opportunity.

In short, we are completely and precisely focused on IELTS – Writing – Task Two.

Good luck and enjoy it

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